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The Institute for Political Economy and Development is an intellectual powerhouse for analyzing the interplay between social and physical systems.  

As the director of the Institute for Political Economy and Development, it is my great pleasure to introduce our organization, its structure, functions, and objectives.

The IPEAD is a non-profit and academic network with an objective of promoting political economy and development studies and projects.

Political economy and development studies concern the impact of international and domestic political order on economic development, which has become increasingly relevant to our economic lives due to the rapid globalization that has taken place in the recent decades. Economic development is particularly important for developing countries where the majority of the population suffer from severe poverty. The IPEAD addresses those issues and seeks to help find alternative solutions to the various development issues around the world in the process of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the UN by clarifying the impact that has on economic development. 

The IPEAD wishes to collaborate practitioners from several countries. We will have affiliations with leading academic institutions around the world. I invite you to get involved in our events and activities. We are an open forum: inquiry for possible academic collaboration from qualified academics and professionals is always welcome, interest from students and other young people is always encouraged, and support from caring individuals and corporations is always appreciated. You will find further information about the IPEAD  from this website. Please also feel free to contact us(, if you have any questions. 

Kind Regards, 

September 2014

Chair & Founder of the Institute for Political Economy and Development (IPEAD)

Mu-Jeong Kho

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